Job Title:
GP Research Post
Status: 1 year
Salary: £12,000 per session
FTE: 3-5 sessions per week as agreed on appointment
Key working relationships: Host GP research practice
GP Research Supervisor
CRN Wessex Education Lead for Primary Care
CRN Wessex Research Delivery Manager, Primary Care
Southampton Primary Care Research Centre (Academic Supervision)
 Main Purpose: To support research delivery in primary care into NIHR Portfolio studies across the CRN Wessex geography

This post has a clear commitment to provide support for the postholder to advance their ambitions in research as part of a GP clinical portfolio career

Relevant documents:2022-11-09 – The Advertisement and Flyer for Portfolio GP Research Post 2022-11-09 – Summary of Portfolio 2022 GP Research Fellow post 2022-11-09 – GP Research Fellow Role JD-PS

The Wessex Clinical Research Network (CRN) in collaboration with the Primary Care Research Centre at the University of Southampton, and Health Education England is delighted to offer the opportunity to take up a Portfolio GP Research post tailored to your current GP work.

Who is this aimed at?

Are you a GP, working in a salaried post or a locum or as a GP partner in Wessex who is interested in research and would like to help deliver research in funded protected time? Would you like to help improve knowledge at the cutting edge of science whilst learning more about research delivery, design or other aspects of the research process?

What is involved?

You would be invited to become part of a research team and work with them on a regular weekly basis delivering research  and getting involved in aspects of the research, e.g. consent, interventions, assessment, looking at data, conducting interviews, analysing data, developing study materials and outputs.

You will also have access to mentoring in primary care research and academic research to help you develop your research skills.

 What time and funding is available?

A minimum of three sessions, potentially up to five sessions per week. At least one full day each week will be based in the same research setting to enable the GP to become fully involved in research delivery. This may be at one of the regional research hubs which were originally established from 2020 onward for Covid vaccine research.

Pay will be £12,000 per session of four hours inclusive of any NI and employer pension payments and will run for a period of 12 months from the start date of early January 2023. There is potential for the duration of this research role to extend depending on successful outcomes for the first year and any successful grant funding applications.

 Where will it lead?

If you enjoy research and would like to pursue this further we would support you in seeking funding for future research work.

 Can I reapply in subsequent years?

Participants who have previously taken part in the GP fellowship scheme at earlier stages or in the past can reapply in subsequent years – please outline in your supporting statement what you have gained so far and what you anticipate will be the benefits of further funding.

How do I apply?

Apply by 27th November 2022 by sending an email with the requirements below to Martine Cross, Research Delivery Manager; Email:

  • Short CV (2 sides A4) with a focus on previous research experience (if applicable -not essential)
  • Supporting statement explaining why you wish to apply (250 words, max 500)

Interview dates: 13th and 14th December 2022