Patient Participation Group

Our PPG is a group of patients who act as representatives of the practice population. The purpose of a PPG is to help improve communication between the Partnership and its patients, provide patients with an improved understanding of how the Partnership is run and any future plans, engage with patients about decisions that affect the running of the Partnership and help patients to become more responsible for and informed about their own health.

LWP has two types of PPG:

Virtual Patient Survey Group

We have a virtual patient survey group who we contact by email up to 12 times per year, to seek feedback and ideas. This is a quick and easy way of getting involved and sharing your ideas! All patients are invited to join our survey group. If you would like to join, please email

Active PPG

Our active PPG meets virtually every quarter and includes a smaller group of patients from across our surgeries who have the time to be part of a focussed discussion group and who help to pro-actively support and take part in practice initiatives.

Our active PPG group is now full. When we have availability for new members we will update our website.