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Blue Inhalers are Going Green

Did you know your blue inhaler has the same carbon footprint as the exhaust from a car driving from London to Sheffield?

Free Prostate Cancer Checks

Getting checked for prostate cancer just got easier and simpler! UHS have launched a free self-referral service for men with and without symptoms.

Respiratory Centre of Excellence Launched

We are delighted to launch our new service that provides our patients with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for respiratory diseases.

Covid & Influenza Vaccination Update

The latest on our winter vaccination programme.

Batch Prescriptions

Fed up of having to remember to order your medication each month? Learn about batch prescribing where your GP issues up to a year’s worth of prescriptions to your pharmacy, all in one go.

Video consultations: the next frontier?

The use of video technology is increasing in every area. Why not use this to chat to your doctor?

Living Well IT systems merger

On Monday 18th October all of our patient records will be transferred onto a single IT system. Find out how this might affect you.

Your pharmacist is at your service

General Practice is working with pharmacists like never before to better support our patients health and wellbeing.

Keeping General Practice on the map

Last week we welcomed Maggie MacIsaac, local Health Board CEO, to see first hand what makes us tick at Living Well.

Discover more about Living Well Partnership

We are a team of NHS GPs and clinicians dedicated to helping you live well, throughout your life.

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