Important update to our patient care request system for patients  

We’ve updated our patient care request and triaging system to make it easier for you to access the care that you need. The new system was live from 8th November 2023.

When signing up please select “Living Well Partnership SO19 9GH”. This does not change the surgery you normally use.

Need some support? 

Our colleagues from Solent Mind are offering free drop in sessions to help support patients with the set up and use of Anima.

Please feel welcome to drop in 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Monday 20th November: West End Surgery

Monday 27th November: St Luke’s Surgery

Monday 4th December: Weston Lane Surgery

Monday 11th December: Ladies Walk Surgery

There is lots of help available here or you can pop into see our Front Desk teams at any of our sites.

What’s changed? 

We’ve introduced a new system called Anima, which helps our Clinical  Teams to direct your enquiry to the most appropriate healthcare professional.  

Anima replaced our current eConsult system (and Healthier Together requests), which are no longer available. You can still make your request through our website, but you will be directed to Anima. Once you sign into Anima, using an email address and password, it will take you through some questions to enable our clinical team to triage your query and direct you to the most appropriate team to help you.  

If you currently send eConsults through the NHS App this is no longer possible, but it will be available soon. Anima is available from the LWP website homepage. All other NHS app functions (like requesting repeat prescriptions) continue to work as they do now. 

More information about Anima and how they keep your information secure is available on their website:  

Anima | For patients (

What does this mean for me and what do I need to do? 

eConsult no longer available. You need to create an account with Anima using your email address and phone number. You can sign up for this now. If you do not have an email address, you can contact us by calling the practice.

You can use the link below to sign up now. You will need your email address and phone number so make sure you have these ready. If you already have an NHS account you can sign in with this (if you have the NHS app you will have one). 

When signing up please select “Living Well Partnership SO19 9GH”. This does not change the surgery you normally use.

If you have any questions about the sign up process please watch this video – 


Why are we making these changes?  

We have listened to your feedback and want to make the triage process easier for you to use. 

Feedback from patients who have used the service so far- 

  • Patricia, age 77 “Just used Anima and it is very good”
  • Jim, age 53 “Being someone who has the tech ability of a 2 year old, staff were extremely helpful. What would have taken me half an hour (no joke) was completed in less than 10 minutes and I am now fully connected to Anima. Cheers” 

Our new system will benefit patients and the Practice. 

Benefits for you  

  • You are able to log into the new system to see the status and outcomes of your current and past requests.
  • Signing into Anima means you don’t have to input your contact details for every request, and there is no chance of mistakes being made with that information that make it harder for us to contact you. 
  • You will receive a text message and email to let you know when your practice has responded. 

Benefits for the Practice 

  • Anima helps us to gather the necessary information we need to direct you to the most appropriate team to help with your query. This ensures we make use of our limited resources in the most safe and efficient way. 
  • Anima offers a more efficient internal data flow, allowing us to process requests faster. 
  • The new system helps our clinical triage team to offer appointments according to clinical urgency and need. 

Will this affect my care? 

No, all appointments will continue to be offered according to clinical urgency and need.  

Your request will be handled in exactly the same manner whether you complete the Anima request online yourself, or contact us via telephone, where our administration team will ask the same questions to ensure equity of access for all patients. 

We are not expecting any disruption to our services, but we would like to ask for your patience whilst we change to Anima. 

What happens if I don’t have internet access?  

We ask that all patients that have access to the internet and an email address make their request via Anima. If you do not have internet access or an email address, our patient services teams will be able to complete an Anima request on your behalf ensuring equity of access for all patients.  

How do I submit requests for my children/dependants? 

You will need to add them to your account. Once you sign in, click ‘Settings’, then ‘Dependants and Children’ and enter their details. We recommend you do this in advance of 9th November, as we may need to manually verify your relationship to the dependant. 

You need to be registered with Living Well to have an Anima account. You cannot create an account just to submit requests for a dependant.

 See the video below for detailed instructions. 

Adding dependants in Anima

I use the Healthier Together app to submit requests for my children, what happens with this?

We have switched off requests from Healthier Together, only a handful of patients have used this method. You will still be able to use the app as a useful source of advice for your child, but you will need to log into Anima to send a request if required.

Is my information secure?  

Anima is approved by the NHS and fully accredited to provide services to GP Practices and other NHS Providers. They will only collect data on behalf of the practice and in order for us to provide you with the care you need.  

Anima are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (under company name Continuum Health), which shows they take data protection seriously.