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Not smoking is the best thing you can do to protect your own health, and that of the people you live with.

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Stay Well

Healthier Together eConsults for Children

The Healthier Together app provides parents of unwell children with a guide to serious symptoms and allows you to contact the surgery for more advice.
Stay Well

Keep Antibiotics Working

Now more than ever we need to work together to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use.
Stay Well

Winter Vaccine Campaign

Access this year’s NHS winter flu and covid booster vaccine programme.
Stay Well

Don’t fear the smear!

Almost one in three women don’t go for cervical screening. Don’t ignore you invite, and if you missed your appointment book in with us today.
Stay Well

Do you know your blood pressure number?

One in four deaths in the UK are due to heart and other circulatory diseases. High blood pressure is an important risk factor. Mostly it causes no symptoms at all which is why some people call it ‘the silent killer’.
Stay Well

Is working from home a pain in the neck?

If you have been working at home for a while and your back is less than happy, we have exclusive top tips from Physiotherapist Zoe O’Neill.
Stay Well

What’s the deal with vitamin D?

We know it as the sunshine vitamin, but is there a cloud of doubt in your mind about taking it?

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