It’s been 4 weeks since we replaced our old eConsult system, with a new one powered by Anima.

We replaced the old version following significant feedback from our patients. Since we went live over 17000 of our Patients have registered to use it. We’ve processed over 12500 requests in a month. The vast majority of you have found both the sign up and use of it a very easy process. For a few there have been a couple of teething issues which we are resolving. We really appreciate your support and patience as we have worked through these. 

Here’s some feedback from two of our patients:

Patricia, age 77 “Just used Anima and it is very good” 

Jim, age 53 “Being someone who has the tech ability of a 2 year old, staff were extremely helpful. What would have taken me half an hour (no joke) was completed in less than 10 minutes and I am now fully connected to Anima. Cheers” 

If you’ve used it, you’re already seeing the benefits. If you’re not signed up please sign up now.

Common queries

Finding the right surgery 

During the short sign up process, the patient needs to select our surgery. This needs to be Living Well Partnership, not the individual site. Your care will remain at your local site now that Anima is in place. 

Submitting requests for children/dependants 

Requests need to be submitted under the right profile. If you have children or dependants, you need to create them a dependant account within your profile. Click on ‘Settings’ from the Anima homepage. Watch this video for more details. 

We highlighted some confusing wording in the requests regarding selecting dependants and Anima have improved the wording to make it clearer. 

Finding responses from the surgery 

Watch this video showing how to navigate to your response. 

You will receive a message asking you to review your plan. When you log in to Anima, you should click on ‘Your requests’. In the ‘closed’ tab you will see a list of your queries. Click ‘View outcome’ to see the response from the surgery. 

Where to get help with Anima?

For any patients who are having problems with signing up or using Anima, you can come into your local surgery and ask the Front Desk staff for advice. Afternoons are normally quieter so they will have more time to help you. 

Data privacy

LWP have completed a comprehensive review of data security before partnering with Anima. Anima comply with all NHS standards for data security and are unable to transfer your data to other parties without complying with NHS controls. 

Anima are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (under company name Continuum Health), which shows they take data protection seriously. 

Anima’s privacy policy is available here.