Batch prescribing is an alternative way to receive your medications, based on an agreement between you, your GP and your nominated pharmacy. A number of prescriptions are issued by your doctor at the same time, to cover an agreed period of up to one year, and are sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy.

How does it work?

Your GP issues a batch of prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy, which then dispenses your medication in the usual way. When you are due your next supply of medicines, the pharmacy already has the prescription and can dispense each batch to you without the need to contact the surgery. This means that for the agreed period, you simply have to go to the pharmacy to collect your medication. Some pharmacies ask for you to simply call before you wish to collect your prescription. This allows them to ensure it is ready and waiting for you to collect. You can watch this three minute video for more information about the benefits of batch prescribing and how it works.

What happens next?

Your GP will assess whether you are suitable for batch prescribing and a member of the team will contact you to let you know the outcome. If you are not currently suitable, it does not mean that you will not be able to participate in the future.

What if I want to change pharmacy?

You can choose to change your nominated pharmacy at any point during your Batch prescription. Simply ask your new pharmacy to register you and they can access any remaining prescriptions that have not yet been dispensed.

What if I leave the surgery?

If you leave the surgery, we are obligated to cancel any remaining prescriptions that we have issued and you will need to arrange a new supply of medication to be given to you by your new surgery, so please give yourself time to arrange this.

What if I am on holiday?

If you are going on holiday and will run out of medication whilst away, your pharmacy can access your next prescription early after a discussion with you.

What happens at the end of the batches?

Your pharmacy will let you know they have issued you your last prescription. At this point you will need a review to assess whether you are suitable to continue on batch prescribing. The surgery will contact you if you need to attend an appointment for a review.

What if I don’t attend for a review?

If you choose not to attend for a review, you will be automatically classed as unsuitable to continue on batch prescribing, as it has not been possible to assess your stability on your medications.

What if there have been changes that may affect my medication?

Each time you collect your next supply of medicines from the pharmacy, the pharmacist will ask you a selection of questions to ensure that your medications remain current and suitable. If you know or feel that there is a reason why your medicines may need reviewing, e.g you have been in hospital or you have started taking additional over-the-counter medicines, please let your pharmacist know.