Vaccination appointments

Covid 19

Patients are automatically invited for their vaccination, either by the partnership or by the national booking system. You can call 119 to book your appointment or follow the link given to you by text message. If you think you’ve been missed, have a query or if you are pregnant please contact the surgery via eConsult.

Flu vaccines

The annual flu vaccine programme restarts in October 2021. If we’re asked to do Covid boosters at the same time it’s likely the protocols for this will arrive early Autumn. We will update our website and send out text message and letter updates as soon as we have further information. We are committed to running a range of clinics at various locations and days of the week, including Saturdays.

Child Immunisations

Newborns are automatically invited to their first set of vaccinations alongside their eight week baby check. We will book baby in for the second set of immunisations at the first appointment. All other child immunisations can be booked by calling reception, or via the NHS app if you have proxy access for your child.

Travel vaccinations

One day in the not too distant future the package holiday and the overseas honeymoon will be back in fashion, and so will our travel clinic. In the meantime we will make the most of our staycations.


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