Repeat supplies of regular medication (eRD)

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) is a fancy way of prescribing and sending a year’s worth of prescriptions – sometimes called a ‘batch’ – over to your nominated pharmacy all in one go.

This means you don’t need to request your prescription from the surgery every month, it’s already there for you to collect at your pharmacy. Great news for you, and great news for us too as we don’t have to repeatedly sign the scripts either!

Obviously you do need to have a very stable prescription. It’s no good if we’re increasing your blood pressure medication or tinkering with your diabetes tablets. It’s also not available for control drugs.

So if your prescription rarely changes and you’d like the convenience of eRD just let us know. We will review and align your prescription and let you know when it’s set up (or let you know if you aren’t eligible). When you get to the final script your pharmacy will remind you to set up the next annual batch with us. Once you give it a go there’s no looking back!


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