Dave Barclay, Managing Partner

Dave joined Living Well in 2015 with a passion for healthcare that remains undiminished. He has a relentless focus on continuously improving our services for patients and can often be found pouring over an Excel spreadsheet or flow chart to ensure clinicians, managers, and administrators are working together seamlessly around our patients.

Dave’s background is in consulting and had a long and memorable stint at Accenture. In his not-so-spare time he is trustee of a number of local charities, and lives on a farm with his wife and not insignificant number of children.

Lauren Wileman, Operations Director

Lauren is responsible for overseeing our management team who play a vital role in the provision of services for patients and supporting our clinical teams.  She works closely with the GP Partners to develop the organisation, enhance and expand our services, ensure compliance and improve the patient experience.

Lauren has worked for a diverse range of causes including homelessness, hospice care, young people and military.  Keen to use her skills and experience to continue making a positive impact within the community, she joined Living Well in 2017. 

Patient Services

The Patient Services Team provides our ‘front of house’ staff that patients and external healthcare providers will have first contact with. They work tirelessly to enable the clinical team to provide our medical services.  Our receptionists will handle calls, arrivals at the front desk, process eConsults, respond to patient requests, organise our booking system, direct administration tasks, and much more in their typical day!

You also may come across Social Prescribers, a Care Home Coordinator, and a Palliative Care Coordinator as part of this team. They connect patients with community and voluntary services and provide specific and targeted health and wellbeing input.

Patient engagement and listening to feedback is a key part of our service and we love to hear from you. We are always looking for people to join our Patient Participation Groups to have an influence on improving our patient service.

Operations Services

This team provides the link between other healthcare providers and our clinical team. If, for example, you have been in hospital and recently been discharged, your GP will get a letter explaining what has happened and any help or new medication you may need from us. We will enable the clinical team to see and action this.

The Operations team complete all patient referrals, manage the medical records, GP letters, new patient registrations, and processing medical records.

Jess Yorke, Patient Services Manager and Kiren Fox, Deputy Manager, lead our Operations and Patient Services teams.

Resource Optimisation

Central to the efficient running of the Partnership is our team that provides IT and facilities services. Being able to get through to us on the phone is central to our patient services and our phone system has been upgraded to use the latest call handling technology.

They ensure staff scheduling is optimal, and that our patient services are provided as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Performance Team ensures that all relevant patients are invited to attend routine essential appointments such as screening or health checks.

Mike Andrews is our Resource Optimisation Manager.

We are always on the look out for exceptional talent

Work with us

If you would like to work with us take a look at our vacancies page. And if you think your skills and attitude would be at home at LWP but can’t see a vacancy that suits you, drop us a line anyway.