Dave Barclay, Managing Partner

Dave joined Living Well in 2015 with a passion for healthcare that remains undiminished. He has a relentless focus on continuously improving our services for patients and can often be found pouring over an Excel spreadsheet or flow chart to ensure clinicians, managers, and administrators are working together seamlessly around our patients.

Dave’s background is in consulting and had a long and memorable stint at Accenture. In his not-so-spare time he is trustee of a number of local charities, and lives on a farm with his wife and not insignificant number of children.

‘Front of house’ and Behind-the-Scenes

Our friendly Receptionists and Call Handling staff make up the Patient Services Team. They will be your first port of call for any queries or appointments, and will be able to help you or direct you where appropriate. 

The volumes of correspondence and letter coding generated by liaising with patients, other professionals, hospitals and medical records is dealt with by our Operations department. 

Together with Patient Services, this formidable team, led by Jess Yorke, will process over 10,000 letters, 10,000 eConsults and answer around 9,000 telephone calls a month! They work tirelessly to ensure that Living Well services are accessed so that the clinical team are free to see patients. 

Striving for Better

Our time, finances and skills are all finite resources that are carefully balanced and managed by our Resources team led by Mike Andrews. For example, across the partnership we will have a certain amount of cervical screenings (smear tests) booked each week. We will match this number with the skilled professionals available for this procedure at each site so that accessing this test is possible for every patient. 

With many patients living with long term conditions, the Resources team will keep in touch with patients to ensure they are regularly reviewed, as well as carefully monitoring how we are doing as an organisation to improve the health of our community. For example, we would regularly look at the data of how our diabetic patients are controlling their blood sugars, compare them to the national average, and work out how we can improve our services so that the best outcomes for our patients are consistently achieved. 

People Matter 

With over 45,000 patients Living Well is considered a large Partnership, with roughly 200 employees. We take the wellbeing of our staff very seriously and believe in recruiting the best, taking the time for thorough induction, and providing ongoing career progression. We are particularly proud of the opportunities and support our staff receive to undertake additional professional qualifications such as prescribing skills for nurses and pharmacists. Our HR team is led by Tara Clark. 

Where does our money come from?

Income in General Practice is made up in part from government grants which are linked to the number of patients registered with us, but an ever increasing proportion of government funding is linked to our compliance with Department of Health set targets. Our finance team, led by Jon Auger, works hard to ensure we maximise our income which means we can invest in more doctors, more nurses, more clinicians, and a better service for our patients. 

We are always on the look out for exceptional talent

Work with us

If you would like to work with us take a look at our vacancies page. And if you think your skills and attitude would be at home at LWP but can’t see a vacancy that suits you, drop us a line anyway.