Test results

Results can take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks to come back from the lab. Specialised tests and scan results can take the longest, sometimes two to four weeks. After that, every test result needs to be reviewed by a GP, coded and filed.

You can view all your surgery results via the NHS app. We will contact you about any out-of-range results that we are worried about.

We recommend waiting two weeks before contacting us for any results. Once reviewed and coded by your GP team, results are available over the phone via our reception team. Please note we do not receive results of tests requested by the hospital. This includes MRI scans, biopsy results as well as blood tests requested by your consultant, even if you had them taken at the surgery. You will need to contact your consultant’s secretary direct for the results.

If you have any problems accessing your hospital results we recommend you call the PALS service at UHS on 02381 206 325.


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