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To start or change to a new pill you will need a consultation with a clinician. Please trigger your appointment by submitting an eConsult. Following your initial assessment you will be supplied with one year’s worth of medication.

Towards the end of the year submit an eConsult to trigger your review. Navigate to the eConsult page, and at the bottom of the A-Z click the ‘review’ button, and select ‘contraceptive pill review’. Have ready an up to date blood pressure reading as well as your height and weight. If you don’t have these you can book an appointment with any of our health care assistants to get this done for you. ¬†Once we’ve reviewed your details we will issue your next prescription, or see you in clinic if needed.

Implants and coils

We have fully trained staff who are licensed to insert coils and implants. There is a waiting list for this service. Let us know if you want to discuss this option, and feel free to find out more at your initial contraception clinic appointment or at any of your subsequent annual reviews.

You can find out more about long acting contraception and other aspects of women’s health on our dedicated services page.

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