Home visits

Home visits have a special place in our hearts, they remind us all of the bygone days of village GPs. In those days you’d only call your doctor out if you were seriously unwell, and your treatment options were limited to aspirin or bed rest!

Modern medicine is much more demanding with thousands of patient contacts per month. We would love to do more visits, but simply wouldn’t see enough patients. So we have to limit our visits to housebound and palliative patients only.

If you need a visit please call our reception team on 02380 449913 as early as possible and before 11am in the morning (we open at 8am) and clearly state you think you need a GP home visit. We only have capacity to conduct home visits at lunchtime. Evening visits if needed are managed by the out of hours GPs which can be accessed by calling 111 after 6.30pm.

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