With Covid and Flu jabs constantly hitting headlines at the moment, it is important that all our patients are clear about what is happening locally and how the latest guidelines and cohorts affect you as individuals. 

As we move on into autumn and winter, we will keep you up to date on this site with the latest developments, what we are offering our community at Living Well, and how you can access our seasonal immunisation service. 

The Government has now unveiled its Covid Winter Plan, which includes Covid vaccines for healthy 12-15 year olds (delivered in schools) and booster vaccines for all those over 50, and the clinically vulnerable (see below).

Adult Flu & Covid Vaccine Clinics

This year we are running a combination of Saturday mass vaccination clinics across all our main sites, plus rolling vaccination appointments. All appointments are bookable online via the NHS App or by calling our reception team. We regularly add appointments so please do check back with us if needed. We are contacting all patients in order of eligibility by text message or letter, please await contact before booking. If you believe you should have received an invite but haven’t please send us an eConsult and our team will review your case and book you in.

Those invited for the flu vaccine will be as follows:

  • Patients aged 50 or over
  • Those aged 18-50 in clinical risk groups, and adult carers
  • Pregnant women 
  • Those in long stay residential care homes
  • Carers and frontline health and social care staff
  • Close contacts of immunocompromised patients

To receive a Covid booster you must be in one of the above categories and have had your second Covid vaccination five months ago or more.

Check the government’s latest guide to flu vaccine eligibility if you are unsure. 

How to book

Patients who are housebound (including residential homes) will be offered both the flu and Covid booster vaccines between October and December by the home visiting community nursing team. Home visiting will also be extended to any patients with learning disabilities or serious mental illness who cannot attend our clinics.

Patients able to attend flu clinics will receive a text message, letter or phone call inviting them to attend, with booking available on the NHS app. 

  • If you are eligible for a flu vaccine, please book into a ‘flu’ appointment
  • If you are eligible for a flu and covid vaccine please book into a ‘covid and flu’ appointment

This is to help us plan resources appropriately. We know people can change their mind – if you decide you do or do not one or other of these vaccines, booking a slot is not a commitment to receiving your jab on the day. 

While the NHS app is the most efficient way to book, if you are for any reason unable to do this please talk to one of our friendly reception team who will be happy to talk you through it or book on your behalf. 

Vaccine eligibility queries

If you have checked online for the latest information and believe that you are eligible for a winter vaccine but have not received an invitation to book, or you believe your invite was in error, please complete an eConsult.

Children’s Flu

Pre-school children aged two or over and other eligible children will be offered their flu immunisations during usual surgery opening hours. Appointments for this are now available, please call us to book an appointment with our fully qualified child immunisation nurses.  

All children who are in school will be offered a vaccine from the school nursing team, which is arranged directly through them and not the surgery. You will receive information about this from your child’s school. 

Children’s Covid

The JCVI have extended vaccinations to all 16-17 year olds. Those in this category without an underlying health condition can walk in and receive their vaccine at a vaccination centre. Currently the guidance is for only one vaccine. If you are unable to attend a vaccination centre please contact the surgery. 

Vaccines for 12-15 year olds have now also been approved, and the school nursing teams will be offering these to children and young people in due course. Your child’s school will contact you directly.

Please be reassured that the available data shows that if healthy children catch Covid there is a very low chance of complications or death. Of the six under 21 year olds that have died so far with Covid in the UK, all have had serious long term underlying health issues. 

Advice from the JVCI is that vaccination is unnecessary for healthy under 16s on the basis of the known benefits and the known risks. Covid vaccination has been offered to this age group, not for its physical protection to the child but to reduce disruption to education and preventing wider transmission of the virus in the community. 

Vaccines, like all medical treatments, can be given to a child without their parent’s consent if the child has a full understanding of the treatment, its risks and its benefits. If you believe that your child is not in a position to make an autonomous decision about their own medical treatment please do keep an open dialogue with your child about your wishes for them as their parent.